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Jacican is your bespoke food experience, a place to learn, share and eat. Join me from 9am - 5pm Friday, Saturday or Sundays for lunch or high tea.

Jacican can host your small private dinner, family get together or work function. I can also tailor make a private class, meal or corporate training event to you or your organisations needs.

Adult cooking classes will take your cooking to the next level. Whether it’s the secret of the perfect macaron, cream torte or even handmade lollies, I can be your guide. I’ll even teach your littlies during my school holiday Kids in the Kitchen classes.

This is one of the recipes you will learn, cook and take home in my Winter preserving cooking class

Beetroot Relish

Each year I grow a garden bed of just beetroot – they are so versatile you can use it in everything. Chocolate cake, icecream, roasted whole with dinner or as part of a fresh salad.

I make mine into beetroot relish, which we eat with everything savoury – meats, on canapes, in sandwiches. I regularly combine the beetroot relish with cream cheese to make a beetroot dip.


  • 1 kg Beetroot

  • 500 grams onion - finely chopped (can be finely chopped in the food processor)

  • 625 ml white vinegar

  • 10 grams salt

  • 450 grams Sugar

  • 5 grams All spice

  • 2 grams Peppercorns

  • 5 grams ground ginger

  • 100 grams arrowroot

  • 100 ml vinegar, extra

IMG 0933


Cook Beetroot in salted water until cooked

Mince beetroot (can be done in the food processor).  Cook beetroot with onion in 625ml of white vinegar until onion is tender

Grind All spice (if using whole), peppercorn with ground ginger.  Be careful with amount of spice, sometimes less is enough.

Add salt, sugar and ground spices and cook for 25 minutes

Mix Arrowroot with extra vinegar to form a paste, stir into beetroot and cook for 5 minutes

Bottle and seal into sterilised jars.




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