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Jacican is your bespoke food experience, a place to learn, share and eat. Join me from 9am - 5pm Friday, Saturday or Sundays for lunch or high tea.

Jacican can host your small private dinner, family get together or work function. I can also tailor make a private class, meal or corporate training event to you or your organisations needs.

Adult cooking classes will take your cooking to the next level. Whether it’s the secret of the perfect macaron, cream torte or even handmade lollies, I can be your guide. I’ll even teach your littlies during my school holiday Kids in the Kitchen classes.

Meringue frosting recipe

Every child should know how to make meringue frosting. If they know how to whip up meringue frosting, it's only a short jump to being able to whip up a pavlova.

The basic rule of a meringue in one part egg white to two parts sugar, measured by weight. To make different things with the basic meringue mix, you can change the weights and/or method for different results.


  • 300 grams caster sugar
  • 150 grams egg whites
  • 1/2 teaspoon powdered egg white (if you don't have any, you can leave it out. It is there to help with stabilisation and the shelf life.)
  • 75 ml water

Note: You will need a sugar/cooking thermometer to carry out this technique.


  1. Place the egg white and powder egg whites in a stainless steel bowl of your mix master with a whipping attachment on (You CAN'T use a plastic bowl).
  2. Place castor sugar and water in saucepan. Heat over medium heat, stirring until the sugar has dissolved. Turn up the heat and heat without stirring until it reaches 118oC.
  3. Turn the mixer master to medium speed and slowly pour the very hot sugar syrup down the side of the bowl, with the machine running. Once you have added all the sugar syrup turn the machine up to full and whip until the egg whites have cooled.
  4. Place the egg white mixture in pipping bag and pipe out as needed. I then seal the meringue using a flame thrower – you should be able to find one from a hardware store.
  5. And yes, we let the children and the husbands do this (when supervised, of course!).


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