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Chocolate Cake

I was asked by Leisa​ on Facebook how to bake a cake that comes out level on the top. This is the chocolate sponge that I have just made. It is level, but not smooth as I didn't need to smooth out the top, as the finished cake will have chocolate ganache and chocolate icing.

Chocolate cake no icing

I'm going to share the recipe
Turn on the oven - no fan, to 180.


Combine 6 eggs with a total weight of 300 grams with 190 grams of castor sugar in a mix master bowl. Whip until very pale. I always use the mix master, so I don't have to stand at the bowl, until the egg mix is pale and the sugar has dissolved

Sift together 140 grams of plain flour and 45 grams of cocoa. Keep the sifter handy, as you will need it again. At this point I usually remember that I haven't lined a tin. Rush out to the storeroom, grap a 23 cm cake tin (I use cake rings, but I bake alot) spray with oil, line with baking paper.
Once the eggs are whipped to a pale yellow colour, sift the flour cocoa over the top of the egg mix and fold in until combine. Yes, I double sift. Pour into your tin, smooth out the top if you want.
Bake in pre-heated oven for about 40 minute - thats how long this one took in the small oven, maybe longer if I'd used the big oven.

Cool in tin.

I've filled this cake with whipped cream and dark chocolate ganache, pouring chocolate glaze over the top and garished with white chocolate icing.

Chocolate Cake no graphic 2

If anyone every has any other question, I am happy to answer. Thanks for asking.


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