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I love to cook, I've always loved to cook.

As a young girl, my time was spent reading the cookbooks that mum kept in the bottom kitchen drawer. Always looking for a new recipe to try, a new food idea. Many weekends were spent making rainbow cakes with as many colours as possible – have you seen my Instagram, not much has changed, and looking for recipes that I could cook using what was available in the cupboard or from the vegetable garden.

At the aged of about 16, I remember stating that I wanted to leave the farm and travel the world. This would be followed by retiring by about 30 and moving back to South Gippsland to grow vegetables and cook. From 16 fast forward 20 years and I returned, starting Jacican Food Studio in Mirboo North, Gippsland where I grow vegetables and cook. This blog is where I share my food adventure.


One day in the kitchen I had my 12-year-old friend Mia helping me and she explains how to remember the recipe for buttercream icing. Much like meringues and meringue frosting, the recipe is one part fat to two parts sugar.

In the Jacican kitchen, we seem to go through a lot of buttercream. I add bourbon to it to make bourbon buttercream to go on top of the flourless chocolate beetroot cakes. Kilograms of buttercream and used in the Kids in the Kitchen cake decorating class, where it ends up being every color you can ever imagine.


  • 250 gram unsalted butter, softened
  • 500 grams icing sugar, sifted
  • the flavoring of your choice - orange juice and zest, lemon juice and zest, vanilla, bourbon, etc. Basically, whatever suits the cake you wish to put it on top of.


  1. Cream the butter until light and fluffy.
  2. Add the sifted icing sugar a little bit at a time until all incorporated. Add the flavoring.
  3. Use to ice and or fill your cake.


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