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Jacican is your bespoke food experience, a place to learn, share and eat. Join me from 9am - 5pm Friday, Saturday or Sundays for lunch or high tea.

Jacican can host your small private dinner, family get together or work function. I can also tailor make a private class, meal or corporate training event to you or your organisations needs.

Adult cooking classes will take your cooking to the next level. Whether it’s the secret of the perfect macaron, cream torte or even handmade lollies, I can be your guide. I’ll even teach your littlies during my school holiday Kids in the Kitchen classes.

Mother's Day is coming up, I'm going to share something of myself with you.

When I was growing up, I don’t remember my mother teaching me to cook anything but as the oldest of many children, it was my job to cook the family dinner each night – mainly teaching myself by reading the cook book in the bottom kitchen drawer.

Each night, once I got home from school, I would visit Mum in the cow shed where she was milking the cows and be told “I’ve left out mince,” or “There are sausages – make curried sausages tonight.” Whatever it was, it was always served with mashed spuds.

As a dairy farmer and wife, it was also part of Mum’s life to be a member of the local CWA branch. Grandma was; so was Mum. Grandma always took the flowers and cooked the Christmas pudding and Mum was relegated to the sausage rolls and a pav.

Thirty years on and Mum still brings the pav. Here’s her recipe.


3 egg whites

1½ cups castor sugar

1 teaspoon corn flour

1 teaspoon vinegar

4 tablespoons boiling water


ingredients  in the mix master  

Place all ingredients into the bowl of an electric mixer and beat on high speed until the mixture stands up by itself.

stand up  to be baked  

Transfer mixture onto a cooking tray lined with baking paper and with a spatula, form into desired shape. Bake in a low to moderate for 1 hour, then turn the oven off and leave the door ajar until the pavlova is completely cool.

baked pav  to be topped  lemon curd  cream 

Serve with whipped cream and fruit, as desired. I finished this one off with lemon curd and cream.  Now, save for a few passionfruits, it will be finished in time for Mum's Day.


Mum Me at 4 weeks dog

Mum with me at 4 weeks old

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