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I love to cook, I've always loved to cook.

As a young girl, my time was spent reading the cookbooks that mum kept in the bottom kitchen drawer. Always looking for a new recipe to try, a new food idea. Many weekends were spent making rainbow cakes with as many colours as possible – have you seen my Instagram, not much has changed, and looking for recipes that I could cook using what was available in the cupboard or from the vegetable garden.

At the aged of about 16, I remember stating that I wanted to leave the farm and travel the world. This would be followed by retiring by about 30 and moving back to South Gippsland to grow vegetables and cook. From 16 fast forward 20 years and I returned, starting Jacican Food Studio in Mirboo North, Gippsland where I grow vegetables and cook. This blog is where I share my food adventure.


Potted Duck

At Jacican, when I say local produce, I mean local produce.

And nothing can get more local than wild Gippsland game. Using local sourced and hunted game meats, I will cook you a dinner to remember highlighting local seafood, poultry, and meats. Distinctive and unique meals are created using the range of fruits and vegetables as well as native herbs and spiced found in the Jacican vegetable garden. Potted Duck is about as local as you can get.

This is more of a method than an exact recipe. I am using local native herbs and spices to flavor my duck. Traditionally you would use Star Anise, juniper berries, cinnamon sticks and black peppercorns. I have started to grow a native herb garden in the backyard to serve as a source of my own herbs and spice, but also as a windbreak for the south side of the yard.


Mountain pepper berries

Cinnamon gum

Aniseed gum

Native thyme

Zest of lemon

60 grams salt

Duck breast

Duck or goose fat

Native rosemary



Roast of the Mountain pepper berries, Cinnamon gum and bay leaves in the oven on high for 5 minutes, to fully release the flavors of the local herbs. Combine the herbs in a spice grinder and blitz into a powder.

Confit duck 005  Confit duck 004

Combine with the native thyme, salt, and lemon zest. Rub this mixture on to your duck breast and place in a covered container in the fridge for 24 hours.

Confit duck 002  Confit duck 003

After 24 hours, rinse the spice mix of the duck and pat dry.

Pre-heat the oven to 75C.

Melt the duck or goose fat and pour over the legs in a small casserole dish. Make sure the duck is completely covered in the fat. Add the native rosemary. Cook in the oven for 18 hours.

Confit duck 001

Remove from the oven and allow to cool in the fat. Remove the duck from the fat. Blitz the fat and pan juice with a hand blender and set aside until needed.

Shred the duck, using two forks. Divide the duck meat between your serving jars. Pour a thin layer of reserved fat over the top. Leave to set in the fridge for 2 hours.

Confit duck 007 

Served with chutney and char-grilled bread.


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