Ok, so you are asking why would I do a crowdfunder. Why not just go out there and buy the dam dishwasher. It's only a dishwasher.

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Collaboration. I want you to be part of my little corner of the world. I want us to all work together and you to all be part of what I do. In the next little while, it will become very obvious that I have been creating things with others for a while now and I couldn't do it with out the other people in my life. The others I create with.

I fact I need to create with others. I can think of an idea – I have many, but it may take many to make that idea. Hence many of us working together to get Jacican a dishwasher. I've even put the dog onto to it.

This is why a crowdfunder. I want you to share in my ideas, share in Jacican and be able to let you point to the part you have help with.

So I would love it if you could support me and Seaborn in our quest for more fun.

Thanks for reading,


Jaci in her sunglassers 500px

 I am picture wear my Golden Coconut Creation sun glasses, The first thing I supported through crowd funding

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