go to site Ok, so I have a very little business, in a small town, in country Victoria. And you would think that the business is just me. But this is not the case.

livecam 44 com Each weekend I employ juniors from Mirboo North Secondary Collage in the role of kitchen assistant. It's their job to help with the dishes, clean up any mess and help serve the guests at Jacican. For this they are paid award wages, learn to make coffees and are usually fed. They are the ones that are going to use a commercial dishwasher the most. It will make their job more efficient and streamlined.Help Seaborn wash the dishes

At the moment there is three, one in year 10, one in year 11 and one in year 12, all working in their first job. There is always room for new juniors (you can find a job application here). I am happy to give any one a try. An example of this, is for the last 5 years, at this time of the year, I have had a child (or children) from the primary school come a complete part of their community service reward with me, cooking dinner for the Mirboo North Rotary club.

There is always someone working the back, back, back office. At the moment this is a stay home mum, setting up logistics for a future online store and sourcing the crowdfunding rewards. There are many tasks to do running a small business and it is fantastic to have someone to complete the little things that can make a big difference to Jacican's offerings.

Currently there is an opening for a Food & Beverage Attendant to work day time hours Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (See DFP recruitment Services in Traralgon if you are interested). In early 2018 it is hoped that three hat trained chef will be starting as well. This will means moving towards regular evening meals and more special events.

And let's not forget “Building Maintenance and IT”. It is amazing how many tasks can fit into this department. As well, all the times he has had to step in a the dishwashing role, and be the emotional and back office support to everybody*.

Basically we – me, the staff, the future staff and building maintenance, are trying to generate more time to create more food adventures and have more fun.

This is why we need a commercial dishwasher.

Pledge at https://pozible.com/project/help-seaborn-do-the-dishes


*Note: Building Maintenance and IT, also holds down his own job in a very large corporate organization in the city and sometimes travels for work. This is how we live.


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