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Blueberry Burst ready for planting

I am trying to get ahead with the 2015-2016 growing season, so before the cold (well, cooler than it is already) weather sets in, I am trying to plant out some of the edible landscape.

Even though I have about 1800 m2 of garden to play with (which is about the size of three suburban house blocks), I am very conscious of the amount of space a plant takes up and how large it will become. For this reason, I chose to plant dwarf blueberries - Blueberry Burst. According to the PlantNet website, Blueberry Burst has these qualities: "...extremely large fruit size, high yielding, early season flowering and early season harvest". It is suggested that the fruit size will be at least three times bigger than the other blueberry varieties available. As I am in a cooler area, I should expect a harvest around August/September over a three to four month period. I am looking forward to this.

The blueberry in the ground  Adding some lime on the blueberry

Each plant only grows to 1m x 75 cm, so I planted four plants. I was told that blueberries like the soil a little bit sweet and to therefore give them a feed of lime - which I did.

Blueberries planted in the garden

Now let's wait until August to see if we have any fruit.

Keep gardening.  Jaci

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