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This recipe was given to me by Jannette from Traralgon, as she had had no luck with her hot sauce. The recipe was passed on to her by her husband's Aunt - Mrs Olive Scott when she was farming in Wickliffe, Western Victoria. Mrs Scott now lives in Ararat.

This hot sauce is similar to a "Worcester Sauce" which is a fermented sauce that usallly contains anchovies. Anchovies don't grow on trees in Gippsland, for that matter Victoria, so someone learnt to make Worcester Sauce or hot sauce as I am calling it, using plums. I have also made a similar sauce before with apples. As this recipe contains no fish (or other meat products for the case) it is suitable for vegetarians.


1.8 kilograms Plums

1.2 kilograms Treacle (if you can't get treacle golden syurp will work)

25 grams ground black pepper

15 grams ground ginger

30 grams salt

900 grams brown sugar

3.3 littres of white vinegar (you could use apple cider vinegar if you wish)

7 grams cayanne pepper

110 grams garlic, crushed

plum hot sauce prep


Put all the ingredients in a large saucepan and boil until the stones fall away from the plums.

Strain to remove all the plums and return to the saucepan.

Boil for 1 hour more, until the sauce thickens to the consistencey you like.

Bottle and seal.

This recipe should make about 7 x 250 ml bottles



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