Do you have a special event coming up, maybe a birthday, anniversary or work function? The Jacican Food Studio can prepare catering platters to your needs. Savoury, sweet, gluten free, vegan, I can accommodate your requirements.  Drop me a line at contact Jaci

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Catering Platters

Each platter will serve around 30 people. Please book a minimum of 48 hours in advance of your event.

Ham, Cheese, Tomato sandwiches Salmon sandwiches Chicken sandwiches Egg sandwiches Cream Cheese and Gherkin sandwich... More
$ 54.00
Cornish pasties
Beef Sausage Rolls
Gippsland Cheese tarts
$ 54.00
Arancini Balls
Chicken kasoundi skewers
Garden Vegetable Frittata
$ 54.00
Hummus and Avocado Dip
Vegetable Croutons
Rice Crackers (GF)
$ 54.00
Lemon treacle tart
Chocolate Fudge Slice
$ 54.00
Fresh Fruit Sticks
Chocolate Dip
Passion Cake (GF and Vegan)
$ 54.00