Oak and Swan Sourdough

To order through Jacican, orders have to be placed through this online shop by 8.00 AM each Thursday, for pick up after 9.00 AM on the following Saturday from Jacican.

All loaves are 100% sourdough and wood fired. We use only organic, freshly stoneground flour milled at the bakery weekly. We do not use any roller milled flour, yeast, ascorbic acid, preservatives, emulsifiers, sugar, or any other additives. Loaf sizes are approximate.

The grain we use is in most cases Victorian, however if this is not available, we use grain from interstate . All grain used is certified organic or biodynamic.

Other ingredients are certified Australian organic wherever possible, though this may change due to availability from time to time. In the case of Australian organic not being available, we use imported certified organic products, or not at all. We use local organically-grown and sustainable produce in some loaves.

Greg and Betsy Evans

Oak & Swan Sourdough

This is a wheat leaf using biodynamic stoneground flour which is sifted to remove around 13 % of the bran.
Sifted Wheat Sourdough 780g Loaf
$ 6.50
Whole Wheat Sourdough 780g Loaf
$ 7.00
Whole Spelt Sourdough 700g Loaf
$ 7.50
Whole Rye Sourdough 750g Loaf
$ 7.00
Made with sifted stoneground wheat flour,brown and golden linseeds,sprouted wheat and roled in sesame seeds.
$ 7.50
Made with organic figs,apricots,sultanas,currents and whole almonds in a sifted wheat sourdough with hint of lemon and spice.
$ 9.00
Cooked organic maize flour and whole millet are incorporated into out sifted wheat along with toasted Australian pumpkin seeds.
$ 8.00
We use approximately 50% stoneground, whole rye flour in our half rye, 50% stoneground whole wheat flour.
$ 7.00
Kibbled whole spelt is fermented, cooked gently and added into our sifted wheat sourdough.
$ 7.50
We use organic Australian Kalamata olives from Mt Zero, with a little rosemary and oregano
$ 7.00